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POWERLIFTING.co.za and 100% RAW SA are affiliated to the 100% Raw Powerlifting Federation


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The 100% Raw Powerlifting Federation www.rawpowerlifting.com exists to create the best platform worldwide for drug-free athletes to prove that RAW means True Power.

100% Raw Powerlifting is what POWERLIFTING was always meant to be about; You Vs other lifters Vs the bar.

POWERLIFTING had started to become about equipment and money, not raw brutal strength! 100% Raw means no technology.*

When someone says, ďI can bench 400 and squat 600Ē, is it them who can do it, or do they first need knee-wraps, a R3000.00+ squat-suit, a bench-shirt, AND a few injections in their butt! That is not POWERLIFTING.

At POWERLIFTING.co.za and 100% Raw Powerlifting:SA we donít use gear, squat suits, bench shirts, equipment, knee-wraps and definitely no drugs.

All meets will be tested; all record-breakers and winners to be tested for drug and stimulant use, so, if youíre on drugs or stimulants, rather donít compete in 100% Raw Powerlifting SA and compete somewhere else.

Site to be updated shortly

For more information, contact Steven on info @ powerlifting.co.za


* - a weight-belt is allowed for safety and wrist-wraps for benching

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